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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Super Powers

Despite falling far short of being a SuperMom even I possess a few little tricks up my sleeve in my quest to become a SuperMom! And in this odd world of parenthood quite often you suddenly discover you had hidden powers you never even knew about!

One of the things I never knew I could do before having kids was making cakes! Well..not actually making them...I'm still abit rubbish at that, but boy can I decorate! As I am Not quite a SuperMom I use a book called "Decorating kids cakes in 30 minutes or less." Its amazing and quite happily encourages you to buy shop bought cakes that you then decorate to make them look like you made the whole thing! Fantastic. My kids love choosing the cakes they will have for their birthday or the family cake for Christmas. Here are some pictures of a few cakes I made.

When I find more pictures I'll post them!
Did anyone notice our pirates look more like Cowboys?? They would be right!

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