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Monday, 27 April 2009


Alfie had his 3rd birthday on Easter Sunday and we had a cowboy party.

Check out the cake! No rudie bits at all! (ignore the odd shaped cactus on the left)

It was the most successful party I have ever done! The adults had chilli, rice, garlic bread and drumsticks and the kids had hotdogs, beans and corn on the cob and an ice cream each.

The best part was the games after, we played tin can alley..throwing a ball at the cans as the water pistol didnt have enough strength to knock down any cans. Then we played hobby horse races..check out the Dads race!!

Then we played "Round 'em up" with the hobby horses and balloons, throw the cowboy boot the furthest competition and had a pinata. Not only was it the best and most fun party we have was also the cheapest. For prizes I gave out sheriff badges, the party favors were paper cowboy cups filled with popcorn and covered in cellophane and the games (except the pinata) were all free (we had the hobby horses already)

I think that maybe..for that afternoon only..i may even have been a SUPERMOM!


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Renee' said...

Uber CUTE! :> Love the little cowboys! Sounds like a great time for all!!


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