Not Quite Supermom

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Adventures of a NotQuiteSupermom

I took a big leap recently and decided to start a new blog- as a bit of a sideline to this one. I'd been stressing myself out feeling like I had humour block by trying to be over clever and share details of everything - which then left me so stressed out I could share nothing

So- I decided to separate blogs and give Wordpress a go as well (is that a rude word on here?)

Please hang around on this one as now the self inflicted pressure is off I feel able to just post silly, fun things and not write a giant essay about everything. But please go and check out my new blog too- which is all about the travel adventures, little trips and things a notquitesupermom goes on.

This is my first post:

I would absolutely LOVE any travel contributions you guys have- the idea is not for it just to be a self indulgent thing but a great resource for those of us who love getting out there- but are realistic how hard that can be! So feel free to send me blogposts, from whereever you are in the world.


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