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Saturday, 31 January 2009

10 reasons I find 7 year old boys annoying

<..and I have one.

1. They think they know everything. If you try to correct them they say "yeah..I know that" or "lets not talk about that anymore"
2. Most of the things they say involve shooting or star "Die...Darth Vader...Pheeeenouoww...mmmmmmmm (thats a light sabre)....pssssshhhhhtttttttt..powwwww."
3. Most of these things are accompanied by a fountain of spit. Due to:
4. The fact they have no front teeth. It is so not their fault but nevertheless so not a good look.
5. They like to choose their own clothes. Meaning they choose to wear horrid spiderman tops or checks and stripes together.
6. They like to do their own hair and wont let you restyle it. Even if it looks stupid.
7. When they brush their teeth a fair amount dribbles onto whatever top they are wearing. Not a problem if they are doing the checks/ stripes thing as you get to change them but really a problem if it is the only clean school shirt available.
8. They start to get into really unattractive TV characters. Like Spongebob Square Pants.
9. They beat you at Wii play, Mario Karts and anything on the Playstation. But you still have to play.
10. You have no idea of the things they can fix/ break. They also point out the obvious on a regular basis.


J-Pop said...

Wow - my 6 year old fits all of these reasons! I love your blog

Renee' said...

Too funny...You should check out my blog on why boys need parents...goes right along with you've written here! Love your blog! :)

Minze said...

This makes me feel a little better about being up to our ears in princess costumes, princess tiaras, magic wands and stuff that's coloured pink. :-)

LAW said...

Yes this is so true. My son is 11 years old but I remember this age. The Star Wars thing...So true!!


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