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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Anyone for a Peanut Butter sandwich?

Much to my husband "chagrin" (yes..I had to google it)..I am not only not SuperMom, but I also fail to make the grade when it comes to being a SuperWife.
There are many reasons for, dogs, house, me, him. But my most shining example was exacted approximately 9 months ago and takes the form of a peanut butter sandwich.

Mr G came home from work one evening. This in itself was not a surprise as it is a regular fixture on our daily calendar.

What did surprise me was that on that particular occasion our normal daily banter of "How was your day dear?" was replaced by a mini diatribe by Mr G involving the lunches taken into work by his fellow workmates.

Apparently their wives make them very lovely lunches.

I don't make him any lunch at all.

There are reasons why I dont make him lunch. I am busy doing breakfast. I have to make the kids their school lunch. I never know what he might be doing at lunch. Maybe he would like to get out the office for lunch? Maybe I dont have enough room in my brain to plan another meal?

Anyway I took it that he meant business as by 11.30pm that night he was still going on about their sandwiches.

To say I was quite annoyed would be an understatement.

I had a small baby, 2 other kids, 2 dogs and 5 students living in my house. And I was still feeding my baby myself.

Mr G was not having any of it...and went on...and on...and on..and on about it.

I went to bed very unhappy with Mr G.

But once in bed (very tired and quite close to crying) I had a flash of inspiration.

The next morning I got up very cheerful. I didnt mention last nights little "discussion" and just got on with things in a bright and breezy manner. I also quickly put together a peanut butter sandwich and wrapped it in lovely clear cellophane for Mr G.

When Mr G came downstairs to go to work I presented him with his lunch.

He was really surprised. And actually quite grateful.

I felt a bit bad about what I was about to do.

This is what happened:

Me: "Here. I made you some peanut butter sandwiches to take to work today." *fake grin*
Mr G: "Thank you" *slight look of bewilderment*
Me: "Oops. Just forgot one small thing...."

At that point I took the sandwiches back from Mr G.

Then I dropped the pack of sandwiches on the floor, jumped up and down on them until they were flatter than a pancake, picked them up and handed them back to him.

Me: "Have a lovely lunch dear."
Mr G: " ummm..yes..thanks."

I am happy to say that Mr G took his peanut butter sandwiches into work as a shining example of what happens to your lovely packed lunch when you have a baby.

I did it for you girls...


Renee' said...

That is hilarious!! Way to go girl!!

melissa said...

ok...i may have just fallen in love with you...
i ALWAYS feel like smushing my husbands lunch...that he makes me make...along with our 5 childrens lunches...
can i just say...
i can't wait until the kids either a...move out or b...make their own lunches...
heck...maybe hubby should move out or make HIS own lunch...
or i'm bringing you over to take care of it for me!!

Janet said...

That is brilliant. I am never quite that bold. When my husband pulls that routine and throws in the idea that I am not doing enough, then I simply quit doing anything for a few days. I figure I'm not going to do all this work for someone who has forgotten what appreciation means. :) When he remembers to say thank you, and mean it, then I go back to work!


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