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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Mother In Law


I am going to blog about my Mother in Law.

Please dont flinch.

But please pray she NEVER EVER reads this.

BEFORE I go into details, however, I would like to make a teeny weeny disclaimer:

Everything I tell you is 100% true. My Mother in Law is 100% A One Off. A Total Rarity. They just don't seem to make them like her anymore (for better or decide?) However. I have never met anyone before in my life that I have NEVER EVER HEARD say a bad word about anyone or anything that she does. Period. And I definitely know that I wouldn't smile nearly so much if she wasn't in my life. For better or worse having her in my life makes me happy. She is a character. And we all love a good character. Right?


A bit of background history on Mrs G. (Yes. There are actually 3 Mrs G's. Can you imagine!!??)

Mrs G Snr is is also known by The Family as: Nanny Nutty. Nanny Birdies. Nanny Birdies with the funny hat. I will, from hereon in, refer to her as Nanny Nutty. That seems to pretty much summarize how she is... "in a nutshell."

Nanny Nutty has just turned 71 years old. And she drives a Moped. We hear her coming over for tea from 3 blocks away. She also has more of an active social life than I do. Which is not too difficult. But still...

In an average week she does Burlesque dancing on a Monday (..lets move along swiftly before your brain starts to absorb that info.) She does Belly Dancing on Tuesday. (Yet again..moving on...quickly...) She goes dancing with her OTHER MAN on wed, thurs and fri. Nanny Nutty also works. She doesn't have to. But she likes it. She works as the "Old Peoples activity organiser" at a residential home. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to dress up as Tinkerbell or Cinderella for the Christmas Panto. Very. Very. Exceptionally....uncool. Fortunately for me, most of the old dearies were asleep and missed it all anyway.

Nanny Nutty also babysits for us occasionally. And believe me there is nothing worse than coming home at 3am, slightly the worse for wear, to the sound of "Hi Mummy and Daddy!" from the top of the stairs. And: "We tried to tell Nanny it was bedtime. We EVEN showed her the room she was meant to be sleeping in...but we have been camping AND we had a disco!"

Nanny Nutty is asleep on the floor.

Obviously my kids think Nanny Nutty is the greatest grandmother that walked the planet. They even think her job is An Explorer (cue Indiana Jones theme tune) because she goes on holiday so much and then brings back "treasure" for them from around the globe. Clearly what an 8, 3 and 1 year old define as "treasure" is slightly different to my concept of the word. When Mr G and I go away anywhere we SCOUR the tourist shops for hours to find a gift to bring back for her that is even minutely as crap as the stuff she brings back for us.

Which brings me to last nights Proceedings.

Last night we had Christmas Day.(Just a little bit more condensed.)

Yes. I know its only October...but this is Nanny Nutty. Anything can happen....

Nanny Nutty is renouned for her slighly dubious gifts. Last Christmas she gave me a quacking duck alarm clock that cost £1 from the Sue Ryder Charity shop.

I knew exactly where it was from and how much it cost as it still had the label on it. To be fair to her...she probably forgot that I have 3 kids who are the best alarm clock that ever lived.
She has given my 14 year old nephew a carriage clock for Christmas. Not dissimilar to this one:

She gave my 11 year old nephew a packet of Y-Fronts one year:

But last night I won the prize for the worst present ever.

It is no secret that as I've just had a baby I kind of live on a perpetual diet. Nanny Nutty has a particularly bad habit of asking about my diet just as we are sitting down to eat surrounded by loads of people:

Nanny Nutty: "So. Hows the diet?"
NotQuiteSupermom*with mouthful of chocolate cake*:"mumphhh..yep..going really good thanks."
Nanny Nutty: "So what do you weigh now?"
NotQuiteSupermom *having swallowed the cake and now looking guilty* "umm...too much?"

Am sure she is just concerned for my wellbeing. Definitely.

So. My turn for a present.

Everyone watching.

The surprise was slightly ruined for me as the present had a yellow Post It note on it with my name and what was inside the gift wrap.

I open my present.


A fabulous tan pair of Control Top Tights.

NotQuiteSupermom: "Gee! That's the best present I ever had!. Thank you so much! These will be really useful."
Nanny Nutty: "Its a pleasure. I thought they might come in handy for you. Read the back of the packet."

Control Top Tights Main Features:

1. Control panty shapes tummy, hips and thighs. Excellent.
2. Wide "non-roll" waistband. Cool.
3. Enhanced toe. Obviously V. Important when selecting control tights
4. Cotton- lined crotch breathes, leaving you cool and dry. FREAKY!

NotQuiteSupermom *nearly pissing herself laughing but holding it in for fear of what she might be given next year..Tenalady anyone?*: "Thank you so much for thinking of me. It really was exceptionally kind of you."

For better or worse. Right?!

How I wish I was passing through security at the airport again....


Mwa said...

You gotta love the family. But that's bad.

MADMAMOF4 said...

She sounds great - every family should have one - they should be imported (mmm - business idea hey!) My mother in law is also lovely and very practical so I have to position my face whenever I open a gift from her and after many years of pressies I think I have THE FACE perfected. I have had odour eaters, vanish soap, dessert spoons - ooooh the list just goes on. And no, they are not joke gifts and they are given with love!!

The wife of bold said...

What a fabulous lady...nutty definitely sums her up, the carriage clock had me in stitches :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, i came to return the favour and i'll definitely be coming back for more installments your v funny! Your kids are super cute too x

Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog and think it's wonderful. I have a little award for you. Please come over to place later....

notquitesupermom said...

hey girlies!
Thank you so much for your comments and for stopping by...Madmam...I know!! have to set my face too!!! Luckily am normally PMSL so its ok! Mwa: Yeah..does kind of suck! The wife of Bold: thanks...not thinking kids super cute tonight tho! The Mommy Tribune: Thank you so much..that was really lovely of you...there should def. be more links between the brit and us mommy bloggers...we all have so much to share!! xxxx to you all!!!!

jennifer june said...

And to think, I was hurt when my in-laws gave me a vacuum cleaner for my first mother's day...

Dumb Mom said...

Holy crap! That's hilarious. And I thought mine was bad for buying me pajama pants (since that's obviously all I wear) for every event that's required a present these past 8 years. Love your blog!

notquitesupermom said...

hmm...jenniferjune..what do you think they were hinting at!!! Dont worry..I try really hard not to hoover whenever possible! ParentingbyDummies...thanks chicky. X stopped by your blog today...great it X

Lagunatic said...

She is everything I hope to be one day be...and no less.
That was hysterical :)
However, you should consider yourself lucky she doesn't host an Arabian Nights party at the home and make you wear her belly dancing outfit. Small mercies, m'dear....small mercies.
Ps - I think you ought to buy her a hookah for her birthday, not that she needs another one, but I'm sure she'd appreciate the gesture.

Anonymous said...


Vivian said...

I only wish I had a mother in law that cool!

Olivia said...

Nice information here today. I enjoyed taking in the post.


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