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Monday, 16 November 2009

So..who are you again?

Recently I changed my hair style.

For a while no one even noticed.

Strange as it was quite dramatically different.

Nanny Nutty had babysat when I was at the hairdressers and even her hints to Mr G over the dinner table failed to generate a response.


Yesterday Alfie noticed.

We had this little conversation:

ALfie: "You dont look like my Mommy."
NotQuiteSupermom: "What do you mean sweetie?" (kind of hoping that in his eyes I may have morphed into J-Lo)
Alfie: "Your hair. You dont look like Mommy anymore."
NotQuiteSupermom: "Why is that poppet?"
Alfie: "Your hair Mommy. Its so messy."

Ah. Possibly not the response I was after.

Then Ryan came home with this picture:

On first glance I thought the figure on the far right was one of the dogs.

Sadly NOT.

Its me.

But apart from that this picture is highly inaccurate on soooooooooo many levels.

For a start Gracie can't fly. As it appears she is.

Alfie is not as tall as Ryan and doesn't have big googly eyes.

Ryan doesnt have zombie eyes. Unless he is having a major tantrum.

Mr G is not that thin. And he doesnt have that much hair. AND his body does not resemble a carrot.

My legs are not that short. But I wish they were that thin.

And finally...


thanks kids x


MADMAMOF4 said...

know what you mean - I have naturally curly (frzzy) hair! when I straighten it my mum always comments what a mess it is!

dani :) said...

love it, you always make me laugh xxx

Krissy said...

I have had the same thing happen to me! No one ever notices when I change my hair. Even when I tell them ahead of time. One of these days I keep thinking I should dye it blue or something to see if anyone notices!

The Lady's Lounge said...

Shame Gracie can't fly, what with her not having any feet and all.
I see it's hereditary too...

Vivian said...

So flipin' funny!!!!

ThriftyShopper said...

ha ha... that is the cutest story. save that picture. You'll look back years from now and just laugh!

Rebecca said...

Kids tend to draw the most important person in their lives bigger or with more detail. Guess you're pretty important to him!


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