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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wascally Wittle Wodents...

Have been thinking ALOT about hamsters recently.

Not in a weird "get yourself locked up" kind of way

But just generally...

Have been watching this programme too many times with kids

It's not rude so you can watch it with the kids.

(Incidentally I do all the voices for the characters..odd talent I have..discovered by accident)


Was thinking about our past array of animals...

Obviously..we have The Dogs. If you aren't familiar please refer to Canine Capers story....

Then my thoughts turned to Gerry. The Gerbil.

He had a turbulent life...

Poor thing.

Gerry was purchased from 'Pets r Us.' Kind of like 'Toys r Us' except for the fact that they deal in Real Life things and not things that need triple A batteries to get them moving...

We spent a small fortune on the ideal crash pad for Gerry...unfortunately it wasn't quite on this scale:-

(some facts for you...this is Jake Hamsters cage. It took a year to over 5ft high...and provides 17.5 feet of running space....)

Yes I know...

Its a bloody hamster.

We did however purchase this item for Gerry:

You know..just in case he needs to make a moon landing or something. Best to be prepared.

Cost of Gerbil: £3.75
Cost of Gerbil Accessories: £94.72p


We settled Gerry into his new pad and he seemed very happy...and content. He didnt seem to run around as much as I thought gerbils would but just liked to lie relaxing. By the next day I was getting a bit bored as he didn't seem to want to do anything.

I decided to take him to the vet. First in series of expensive trips. The vet diagnosed a broken leg (he did mini xray and everything). Gerry needed 3 nights at the vets. I decided to call Pets r us to complain.
Notquitesupermom: " sold me a gerbil yesterday that has a broken leg"
Helpful shop person: "Do you still have your receipt"
Notquitesupermom: "yes..why?"
Helpful shop person: "oooo..bring in the gerbil with the receipt and we will exchange your gerbil for one without a broken leg."
Notquitesupermom: (suspiciously) "But what will you do with Gerry the Gerbil?"
Helpful shop person: "Oh don't worry about that."
Notquitesupermom: "Well I am worried. He's like family now....I know he only cost £3.75 and £94.72 in accessories but I am slightly concerned about his welfare if I bring him mind is thinking you might get out a shovel..."
Helpful shop person: (sighing) "well the other alternative is for you to pass the vets bills onto us."
Notquitesupermom: "very happy to do that..he has been receiving round the clock treatment....will definitely send you the bill."

Gerry led a very happy and productive life from that point on...until the day of Gerry the Gerbils curry Tsunami.

That day he cheated death.



Rebecca said...

Oohh yeah. I remember trying to take care of a sickly gerbil. He didn't make it and I was oh so sad.

I hand fed the little guy for a few weeks though and I thought he was going to get better

Anonymous said...

so good to have you back mrs g... Was beginning to worry you'd left us! When i was 12 my gerbil was on it's last legs (literally) and i decided i couldn't let him suffer any longer. So off we went, him in his shoebox, to the vet where they gave him the tiniest little syringe full of gerbilicide and put him to sleep. The vet must've taken pity on me because he never charged. Must've felt sorry for this poor little kid forced to put her gerbil to sleep all by herself, no parents in sight. Had a funeral and everything :)


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