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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Canine Capers

At some point in your parenting career the children start wanting a pet. You start off small..a hamster, some fish..maybe even a rabbit. Then they ask for a puppy.

In my case it wasn't the little children asking for a puppy. It was my big kid, Mr G, the perpetual Peter Pan. And he didn't just want a puppy. He wanted LOTS of puppies. We already had Maisy Moo and he wanted to breed her. I was 5 months pregnant when she got pregnant, 8 months when the puppies were born.

I know...they are so cute!

This is what happens.

They go from this:

To this:

Then they do this to your parcels....

And this to your windows:

And this to each other...

Start compiling your list of reasons why you can't have a dog. Right now. Then you will never be caught with your guard down and accidentally say yes.

1 comment:

Renee' said...

Too True! My 7 year old tried to guilt me into a puppy for x-mas. We've had dogs before and as far as I'm concerned never will again!


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