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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Reasons I am Not Quite Supermom

1. Sometimes when my two boys are fighting over something I hide or pretend not to have noticed.
2. When the boys had been fighting for ages and I couldn't take it anymore I (once) put them in the garden, locked the door and told them I wasn't going to let them in until they stopped fighting.
3. When my kids shout Mommy it sometimes takes me a while to realise they mean me.
4. I use the TV as a babysitter so I can get on with jobs around the house.
5. I give them all raisins as they take a long time to eat so I can check my emails.
6. I told the kids that all cameras (ie speed cameras, CCTV etc) are actualy Father Christmas watching them and all the feeds go straight to his office at the North Pole.
7. I have told my eldest son that if he doesnt get dressed in the morning for school I will send him to school in his pyjamas..and then put him in the car and started to drive off while he was still in them.
8. Sometimes after putting them all in the car I go back to the hall to get my bag and lock the door and it is so lovely and peaceful I wish I could just leave them in the car and get on with some jobs.
9. I really can't watch Toy Story again. Ever. For the rest of my life.
10. My kids really really like to put on plays and shows for me. Nearly everyday. Most of the time I am thinking about what to cook for the next week and not really paying attention.

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Infertility Warrior said...

I laughed out loud! For some reason the giving raisins because they take a long time to chew struck me as particularly funny (and something I would think of!)


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