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Friday, 23 January 2009

What goes Around comes Around...

Something happened to me this morning that has left me feeling really gleeful.

There is justice in the world after all.

Let me explain....

I went shopping this morning.

Shopping with kids is like a military operation. First you have to check your intelligence is correct, identify the potential targets and your drop zone.You must work out the logistics..double buggy or single in my case. Then you must ensure you have your kit ready (nappies, rations, drinks, wipes, coats, scarves, hats, mittens, goes on and on.)

Once you have reached the drop zone you have to practice your mobility training, paying particular attention to vehicle insertion techniques in the car park, ensuring all doors can be opened in order to move troops in and out the vehicle swiftly.

Finally you can implement a SAS style operation to retrieve said targets from their locations while keeping troops motivated and return them safely to base.

Nothing to it. is what happened while I was shopping that has made me so cheerful.

Our local shopping centre is outside and on 2 levels. I needed to go from basement to upper level. It was raining, I had the double buggy (except Alfie wanted to walk and hold an umbrella) so I was steering the buggy one handed towards the glass elevator. Not an easy feat.

Its a really nice elevator and you can very clearly see the people in it as they travel up and down.

Alfie was getting very excited about pressing the button.

We were about 10 paces away from the elevator when I started to hear the "click click" of high heels getting louder and faster behind me. It definately wasn't me as my trainers were going "squelch squelch" as I had accidentally trodden in a big puddle getting out the car.

Just as we were nearly at the elevator the high heeled lady cut infront of us..pressed the button, got in and pressed the up button.

She didnt even hold the doors for us. Alfie and I were left with our noses up against the glass while she waited for the lift to go up. I was a bit gobsmacked.

I pushed the button to try and get the doors to open and let us in.

The lady just looked at us. She didnt even look sorry she hadn't held the doors. I would go so far as to say she even looked a bit smug.

Just then an act of divine intervention occurred.

The elevator went up about a foot and stopped.

This left the lady about face to face with me (she did have heels on and I'm not very tall.)

We both waited for the elevator to start again.

It didn't.

"The lift has stopped working" the lady mouthed to me through the glass.

"Yes..I can see that" I mouthed back.

"Help" she mouthed at me.

"Hmmm.." said my brain.

I was just about to help (really I was) when the man that runs the cafe by the lift came over and said "the lift isn't working again then," and proceeded to give the doors a bit of a bang and off the lift went. (Its a bit like that where I live.)

I can imagine it is very scary to get stuck in a lift so I am not poking fun at that by any means. But the incident has restored my faith in the motto "what goes around comes around" and indeed shows that it can sometimes go up and sometimes go down. Or not!

Have a lovely day x

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